Natural Remedies Can Really Work

September 14, 2006


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When you ask many adults when the last time they rode a bike is, they cannot answer
When you ask many adults when the last time they rode a bike is, they cannot answer. Although bicycling is a favorite pastime, many adults do not take advantage of this great option for exercise. Not only does bike riding exercise the body and build a stronger cardiovascular system, it allows you to get out and enjoy nature, fresh air, and see new sites.


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  1. Cycling – Tricycling on a Recumbant bike.
    When I first ruptured spinal disc between my L4 and L5 vertebrae 20 years ago, I was told – that at age 40 my injury was NORMAL!!!
    I asked an 70yr farmer if he had ever had a back problem. He indignantly said “Not Ever”
    15 years later, – accepting that I had my spinal injury for life – aged 55 I purchased a second hand RECUMBANT BIKE. I could only travel for 30 minutes on an upright bike, and cycling around town, or the nearby river got to be boring..Any longer on the Bicycle, and I was always in pain again..
    I bought the Recumbant Trike purely so I could travel longer distances, because I was so BORED.. Three or four trips of about an hour and a half in each direction I found to be exhilerating.. To my SHOCK and HORREUR I had been so engrossed in the environment, that my peddaling became second nature, – and somehow, the constant WEIGHLESS spinal movement allowed the scar or protective disc tissue to equalize with the other tissue in my spine, and I have had NO PAIN AT ALL SINCE..
    I have begun a wider range of excercises, all with moderation, and no longer feel like a cripple for life.. Raising the children as a disabled
    MR MOM was most restrictive, and terribly painful at times. INSURANCE COMPANIES would keep better faith with people if they acknowledged the cost of such injuries, – and even suggested We Injured HIRE A TRIKE for a couple of months.. – and if they paid for it, so much the better.. It would be better spent than other treatments supplied..

    Comment by Tony — May 22, 2009 @ 8:33 am

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